Lay Me Down- Capo 5 in G (Key of C)

(This is just my interpretation…please comment with corrections! Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman. Buy my song on itunes! Matt Francisco- “God Moves in a Mysterious Way”)

C(F)             G(C)                       D(G)   Em(Am)     D(G)C(F)
__I lay me down, I’m not my own- I belong   to You alone
…………..G(C)                 D(G)
Lay me down, lay me down
C(F)                   G(C)                        D(G)                  Em(Am)                    C(F)
_Hands on my heart, this much is true: there’s no life        apart from You
…………..G(C)                D(G)         C(F)         G(C)                  D(G)
Lay me down, lay me down, whoa, lay me down, lay me down

Interlude: Em-D/F#-G x2  (Am-G/B-C x2)

Verse One
With this heart    open wide
From the depths, from the heights
        Em(Am) D(G)  G(C)
I will bring a  sac-   rifice

With these hands lifted high
Hear my song, hear my cry
I will bring a sacrifice
         Em(Am) D(G) C(F)
I will bring a  sac-   rifice


Interlude: Em-D/F#-G   (Am-G/B-C)

Verse Two
Letting go of my pride
Giving up all my rights
              Em(Am)    D(G)  G(C)
Take this life   and let it shine
              Em(Am)       D(G) C(F)  G(C)
Take this life      and let it shine

Chorus (finish and hold G(C))

It will be my joy to say, “Your will, your way”
It will be my joy  to say, “Your will, your way”
                     D(G)             C(F)                                 G(C)
It will be my joy to say, “Your will, your way, always”  x2


Outro: Em-D/F#-G x2  (Am-G/B-C x2)