Last week, Erin & I saw Sandra McCracken perform at Workplay. If you don’t know her music, shame on you. It is absolutely amazing. My sister Kathryn sang her rewrite of the old hymn “Thy Mercy, My God” (from The Builder and the Architect, which is in my Top 5 Christian albums ever) at our wedding, and Erin’s & my first dance was to her  rendition of Bob Dylan’s “If Not for You” with her husband, Derek Webb.

Last year, she released In Feast or Fallow ($8 on Amazon!), my second favorite Christian album ever (right behind Derek’s She Must and Shall Go Free, in case anyone is keeping score), which included a song based on Psalm 22:9-10, which says, “Yet you are he who took me from the womb; you made me trust you at my mother’s breasts. On you was I cast from my birth, and from my mother’s womb you have been my God.”

It’s called “Hidden Place,” and she wrote it ten days before her daughter was born. The song has grown a little more personal over the last few weeks, as we learned that we’re expecting our first child around Thanksgiving. I, alas, am the sentimental type- which never fails to elicit Erin’s laughter & amazement (hey, I could’ve included sonogram pictures, right?).

“Hidden Place”

I was made in a hidden place
There from your love I could not escape
If I tried

In wonder and in a trembling state
We wait to meet this child
I can not see with human eyes
The secret plans you have devised
My heart is full less I contemplate
The frailty and the fullness
Oh I marvel at Your goodness to me

How soon the fog will lift
We will hold her like a gift

But for now I rest in this in-between
And the heavy clouds of this waiting season
Knowing that you are as close as the clothes I wear.
These hours I will savor
You surround me as I waiver
Whom am I to know such favor

I was made in a hidden place
There from your love I could not escape If I tried